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I'm having trouble registering
Begin with sending your name to 21440 on your phone/ If via the website, click 'Register' on the upper right hand corner which should enable you to input your details.

How do I place a bet?
You send a text message to 21440 with this format: Gameid#1 for First Team or 2 for Second Team or X for draw#Amount;
If via the Website, click on 'Sports Betting' at the top of the menu, where you will see all matches.

How much does it cost to send a text to 21440?
An sms costs 5/-

What does the term 'Game Id' mean?
It’s the number given to each match playing e.g.. {39} Brazil-Croatia.

Where do I get the Game ID's?
Send the word ' Games' to 21440

How do I know if I have won?
You will get a text message affirming you of your winnings in which after you will follow the instructions if you wish to withdraw.

What is the Business Number?
This is 290290

What is the Account no?
It’s the word 'Michezo'

I did not get a response once I registered
Kindly confirm that you have sufficient funds in your phone

What happens to my money if I do not win?
Sadly, you forfeit but winning chances are high so try your hand again

What are my chances of winning?
If the team you've chosen wins, you are a winner as well

I tried once before and did not win, why should I participate?
Because if you are lucky enough to choose a winning team, you win as well.

What is the minimum amount that I can bet with?
The minimum amount allowed for bets is Kenya Shillings 100/=

How do I withdraw my money?
Send Withdraw#Secretkey#Amount to 21440 e.g. Withdraw#453432#500

I'm trying to place a bet but I get the insufficient funds response?
Kindly check that you have enough funds in your account.

I have won money but have received no message
Ensure that you have credit in your phone

I put money in my account but it is not reflecting
If you've received the Mpesa message, kindly give it time and check again. If it still does not reflect, call 0900620330 or send an email to

What are the charges for withdrawal?
Withdrawal is 10% of the amount.

Can I use my winnings to bet again?
Yes you definitely can.

I'm having difficulty withdrawing my money
Kindly check that you are using the correct format and that your secret key is correct. You can call 090062330 to request for your secret key

I'm getting an invalid withdrawal amount response
Kindly ensure that you have at least a minimum of KES 100 left in your account.

How do I check my balance?
Send this text:Balance#Secretkey to 21440

I forgot my Secret code
Send the word 'ACCOUNT' to 21440

I bet and win but my winnings are yet to reflect in the account
Check to see whether you clicked on the 'Claims' tab beside your winnings. You can click on 'My Bets' to see all bets participated. Make sure you have clicked claim on all

Do I incur any charges while checking my balance
Yes, charges are 2/- per sms

Can I send two predictions in one text?
No. Please send each prediction in a separate sms

Can I make two predictions for one game?
Yes, you can make more than one prediction per game. Note that you will place separate bet amount for each predictions

I'm trying to withdraw but the response is 'Invalid Key'
Send the word 'ACCOUNT' to 21440

How long does it take to receive my money
This is dependent on the time you send your withdrawal request. If at night, it might take longer than during the day.

I registered online but put in wrong details, how do I correct this
Click on ''My Account' tab on the top of the menu. From here, you can change any details and finally click on 'Update' at the bottom to save any changes. NOTE: Do not change your mobile number as this is the same number you will need when withdrawing.

How can I contact you
Kindly send an email to or call 0709808101

How do I unsubscribe
Dial*100# on your phone and follow the instructions.

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